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Help others with their grocery shopping!

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Help others with their groceries!

Someone in your city wants you to do their grocery shopping for them!

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The Grocery Buddi Community

Grocery Buddi is a website that connects someone who needs help with their groceries, with someone who can go to the store and do their grocery shopping for them!

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How GroceryBuddi works:

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2. Get orders

After signing up, you’ll be part of our community and be ready to take grocery shopping requests

3. Go shopping!

Go to the store and do their shopping!

4. Get paid...enjoy

Get paid quickly and easily through the client

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You take ALL the money

Most sites that connect you with jobs typically take 20% of EVERYTHING you make. At Grocery Buddi we believe that if you do the work, YOU should keep all the money.

That's why we ask for just one small monthly subscription of $12.99 to help us grow the site, and find you more grocery jobs. We also offer a lifetime membership for just $34.99.

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